Case Study with Wilderness Safaris

This week we sat down with Elinor, the Financial Controller of Wilderness Safaris, in Rwanda. Elinor has used a number of Haystack’s services and has recently hired two African Accounting Academy graduates. We talked with Elinor about her experience with Haystack.

Haystack: Tell us a bit about the roles Haystack helped you fill?

Elinor: Over the past six months Haystack has assisted us with our search for a Financial Manager and two Accounting Interns.

Haystack: How did Haystack assist with your Financial Manager search?

Elinor: The online Haystack assessment was used during our recruitment process. We used the assessment to determine which candidates met our minimum technical skills requirements. The assessment proved very helpful in saving the management team time as only candidates with strong technical skills entered the interview process. In the past, we had performed interviews first and had been disappointed by the results of the in-house technical assessments.

Haystack: How did Haystack assist with your intern search?

Elinor: Haystack provided a wide variety of diverse CVs for the internship interviews. Haystack were able to tailor the CVs sent to us based on specified requirements. All the interns were well prepared for their interviews and have shown a strong work ethic and a determination to learn and grow their skills in their current roles.

Haystack: You also registered your four existing accountants in the African Accounting Academy training program. Any visible results so far?

Elinor: For our staff that have put the time and effort into completing the program we have seen significant improvement in their application of technical knowledge to their work on a day-to-day basis. On a personal level they are also coming across as more confident when discussing accounting matters and are very enthusiastic about the fact that we have provided this additional learning tool to them. One accountant has even signed up and paid for a few family members to complete the Haystack online course!

Haystack: Any other comments about Haystack?

Elinor: Haystack is a great initiative. One of our biggest challenges was a lack of technical knowledge and the ability to apply the lessons learnt at university in a real-life situation. Based on our experience so far, the course is a fantastic tool to bridge the gap between the university degree and the real word expectations placed on accountants in business.

Haystack: Thank you so much for your time Elinor! We’re excited to keep working with you and the team at Wilderness Safaris in the future!

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