Frequently Asked Questions about Haystack

After running our online course for about six months now, we wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Haystack and the African Accounting Academy we get all the time!

  1. Where is the training held?

 Our course is exclusively offered online – so it is not held in any single physical location. The content is available anytime, anywhere so you complete it at your own pace using your mobile phone and computer.

  1. Do you have an office in my city?

We are a Canadian company, based in Toronto, Canada and we do not currently have offices in East Africa. We have student ambassadors and partner organizations in a number of cities (Kigali, Kampala, Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam). Send us an email at and we can put you in touch with our partners in your country.

  1. I work full-time, can I still take the course?

Yes! The African Accounting Academy course is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you work full time, you can study during the evenings, weekends or even your lunch break, whatever is most convenient for you!

  1. How long will the course take me? 

The course takes approximately 100 hours to complete. The majority of students take approximately 2 to 3 months to complete the course. If you spend 10 hours a week on the course, you will finish in 2.5 months. Those students that are not currently working, can complete the course in as little as 1.5 months, while those that are working full-time will take 3 to 4 months. We provide each student with 6 months of access to the course which is more than enough time to get through all the material and complete the final examination!

  1. What will I get from the course?

The course prepares you for an entry-level role in accounting or finance, ensuring you excel once you’ve found that role. The course contains approximately 100 hours of training, broken down into 15 modules. Each module has videos, exercises, case studies and assessments.

For $40, you get:

  • 100 hours of training, designed with only one goal – get you ready for a professional job.
  • Unlimited access to all course materials for 6 months.
  • Certificate of completion upon successful completion of the final assessment.
  • Your name, CV and test scores stored in our database – to match you to entry-level jobs and our recruiting partners.
  • Access to highly qualified CPAs – available to answer questions and provide guidance through our question and answer forum.
  1. How does the African Accounting Academy compare to the CPA or ACCA designation?

The African Accounting Academy is a professional development course, designed to prepare you for the workforce, it is not a professional designation like the CPA or the ACCA. These designations take years (not hours!) to complete. Our course is a good starting point if you’d like to eventually take the CPA, as it ensures you understand the fundamentals and can apply them to real work situations.

  1. How do I pay?

Payment can be done in two equal installments of $20 each (payable in your local currency). Payment is done through our website, using our online shop. We accept Mobile Money or Visa cards. For details on Mobile Money payments, click on your country: Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana.

  1. What happens if I do not pass the final assessment?

We require a final assessment score of 80% to pass the course and receive your certificate. We require a high score because we need to be assured you understand the material and you are ready to excel in an accounting role.

If you do not pass on the first attempt, we allow a second attempt after two weeks of revision.

  1. Am I guaranteed a job if I complete the course?

We do not guarantee job placements for our graduates. Companies and organizations across the continent sometimes approach us asking us for accountants to fill their open positions. In these cases, we look through our list of graduates and recommend them for the open positions. We also regularly post accounting jobs in Africa on our website.

Have any other questions? Email us at and we’d be happy to answer them!


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