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Meet Confiance

Today we introduce you to Confiance. Confiance was one of the first students to join the new African Accounting Academy program and has now graduated! He scored 86% on our final assessment and we are very proud of him! This week, we chatted with him to learn more about his career aspirations and why he joined the African Accounting Academy.

Haystack: Which university are you attending and what is your major?

Confiance: I am currently pursuing a Diploma in Theology with emphasis in Christian Leadership from the Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda, which I expect to complete in 2019. I am also pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration from Lancaster Bible College in the USA, which I expect to complete in 2021.

Haystack: Why did you join the African Accounting Academy?

Confiance: There are three reasons why I joined the African Accounting Academy. First, I want to develop my skills as a trained professional accountant. Second, I wanted to increase my knowledge as I am doing other professional accounting courses. Third, it will help me to better perform my job and understand my responsibilities much better. It gives me practical examples of what I do in my daily work.

Haystack: When you first joined, what is one thing you wanted to learn from the program?

Confiance: To understand my role as an accountant.

Haystack: What are your career aspirations?

Confiance: To become a professional certified accountant, with high additional knowledge in finance and management.

Haystack: Now that you’ve completed the course, what did you like most about it?

Confiance: The course is very well designed and practical. Second, it has Rwandan examples which helps you understand it better.

Haystack: We understand that you are currently pursuing your CPA Kenya designation and that you have an upcoming examination. Do you feel like the African Accounting Academy program will help you with your CPA exams?

Confiance: There are a lot of skills that I got from the African Accounting Academy which I am very confident will help me with the CPA. The program has helped me understand many accounting concepts which I am sure will come up in the questions during my CPA exam.

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