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Meet Egidie

This week, we chatted with Egidie, to learn more about her career aspirations and why she joined the African Accounting Academy. Egidie’s was referred to the African Accounting Academy through a friend, who was a member of our first graduating class. It’s great to see our network expand through positive word of mouth!

Haystack: What university do you go and what is your major?

Egidie: I graduated from the National University of Rwanda in 2010, with a major in International Economics.

Haystack: Why did you join the African Accounting Academy?

Egidie: Although I performed well in accounting courses I did, it was not my major subject. It’s been a long time since l graduated l have forgotten a lot of my accounting knowledge. As I am jobless l need to refresh my knowledge and to be skilled in practical, actual, useful accounting practices in order to expand my job search. I think the African Accounting Academy course will meet my needs to understand accounting as it actually happens in a business. The way the course is structured allows easy and practical learning.

Haystack: What is one thing you want to learn from the program?

Egidie: QuickBooks and Excel skills are things I want to lean from the program, and I’m confident I’ll perform well in these after the course!

Haystack: What are your career aspirations?

Egidie: I hope to became a successfully certified accountant, analyst and a monitor in NGOS.

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