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Meet Lynette

This week, we talked with Lynette, a current Haystack student who is a member of the June 2019 cohort in Uganda. We chatted about her career goals, why she joined Haystack and what she does in her free time!

Haystack: What university are you attending and what is your major?

Lynette: I am currently studying at Makerere University Business School pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I intend to major in accounting.

Haystack: How has the African Accounting Academy impacted your day-to-day studies?

Lynette: The African Accounting Academy has widened my understanding of accounting beyond the class setting. More so, I get a feel on how things are run on the actual job. I also believe my grades will improve because I have become well versed with certain concepts.

Haystack: Tell us about the AAA program. What have you enjoyed about it so far?

Lynette: The AAA program is a phenomenal short accounting course that equips students with the skills they need in order to stand out as accountants on their job. For me, this program is a foundation I am setting before actually getting into the field.

I have enjoyed every lesson so far, everything made sense to me. I’ve especially liked the Excel section, because it is challenging and keeps me on my toes.

Haystack: What are your career goals?

Lynette: I aspire to become one of the most influential auditors. I also dream to train young people on basic accounting skills.

Haystack: Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Lynette: I love to spend all of my free time volunteering with organizations that are impactful in improving our communities.

Haystack: Can you tell us a bit about the organizations you volunteer with? What specifically do you do with them?

Lynette: I volunteer with Sooo Many Stories, a publishing house based in Uganda. Every first weekend of the month, we host a book club for children aged 4-12 where I evaluate the children’s progress as they participate in the different activities.

I am also a campus leader with Girl Up, an initiative started by the United Nations to uphold the rights of girls in our community. I am the Treasurer of the Makerere University Club where I apply for club grants, I creat the budget and give exact accountability for the funds used to carry out projects.

I am also the Assistant Organizing Secretary of the Accounting Students Association of Makerere University where I am in charge of organizing all functions held by the association. As an association we help students improve on their accounting knowledge by conducting academic clinics.

I am also part of ‘I read, I innovate’, a team that conducts children’s book clubs within the slums. The main aim of these is to enhance the reading culture among children in remote areas.

Lastly, I volunteer with the Finance Department at my church, Watoto Church every weekend.

Haystack: Wow, sounds like you are very busy! What do you do to relax outside of school and all your volunteer responsibilities?

Lynette: I love to swim, read and listen to music.

Haystack: Any books you can recommend to us?

Lynette: Becoming by Michelle Obama is one of my favourite books. This book taught me to become a strong independent woman. I also learnt that nothing in life comes easy, we have to play our part and work extra hard to achieve the goals we set.

Thank you, Lynette, for taking the time to talk to us and good luck completing the African Accounting Academy course!

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