What to do after getting rejected from a job application

In today’s blog, we talk about the worst part of the job search process: rejections. It can be extremely hard getting a rejection, especially if you’ve made your way through the application, assessment and interview process, only to be rejected at the final stage.

So, what should you do after a rejection to make the most out of the situation?

Write a follow-up email

Take this opportunity to get some real and valuable feedback about your interview performance. Make sure you thank the interviewer for the opportunity and then ask them for areas you can improve for your next interview. You can also ask them to consider you for any future openings that might come up. You never know if they might be hiring for a similar position in a few months. A follow up email is great for two reasons 1) you get valuable feedback so you can improve your performance in your next interview, and 2) you stand out amongst those not selected and keep open the opportunity for the company to contact you again in the future.

Keep your options open

Although it’s easy to get excited about a specific job or company, especially once you’ve made your way through the application and interview process, which can take weeks, make sure you have back-up plans. Keep your options open by applying to a number of jobs and try your best not to get your heart set on a specific one.

Don’t take it personally

Lastly, don’t take the rejection personally. Be proud that you made it to the final round of a long process, and understand that you might have the technical skills and experience for the position, but there may have been another candidate with more experience or who was a better fit for the position. There’s also a number of other factors that may have impacted the decision – the candidate who was chosen may be well connected with the organization or might even be an internal transfer. Hard as it may be, don’t take the rejection personally and do your best to learn from the situation.

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