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A major milestone for Haystack Africa!

Last week, we had some exciting news at Haystack – we enrolled our 150th student! In about 4 months, we’ve grown from our very first student, to over 150, spanning four different countries.

We are now delivering practical accounting training to over 100 Rwandan students, 40 Ugandan students and a few students in both Kenya and South Sudan.

We’re extremely happy with the progress so far, but have more on the horizon!

So, what’s next for Haystack Africa?

First, we will be working to place our Rwandan and Ugandan graduates into internships and full-time accounting roles. We now have 10 graduates in Rwanda, a number of which have been placed in positions at companies like Inyenyeri, Wilderness Safaris and 1000 Hills Distillery. Our goal is for every graduate to find an accounting role within 6 months of course completion, so we’re working hard to both train our students and locate opportunities for them.

Second, we’re now planning to set up cohorts in both Tanzania and Kenya! By the end of the third quarter, we aim to enrol another 100+ students in these countries.

Time and time again we see companies in East Africa struggling to hire entry-level accountants. We are more confident than ever that our program is a low-cost solution to this problem. We are effectively solving this issue by developing a pipeline of qualified, entry level accountants for the huge number of small and mid sized businesses in these economies.

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