Meet Andrew

This week, we chatted with Andrew, to learn more about his career aspirations and why he joined the African Accounting Academy. Andrew is part of our first ever Uganda cohort, which launched last week, on 17 June.

Haystack: Which university are you attending and what is your major?

Andrew: I graduated from the Datamine Technical Business School, at Makerere University, located in Kampala Uganda. I completed a Diploma in Mass Communication and a major in Entrepreneurship.

Haystack: Where are you working now and what is your role?

Andrew: Currently, I am a Branch Manager with Kina Kwekulakulanya Cooperative Savings and Credit Society Limited found in Wakiso District in Uganda.

Haystack: Why did you join the African Accounting Academy?

Andrew: I joined the African Accounting Academy because I’m interested in learning more concerning Accounting since its one of my main responsibilities at my branch. Despite the fact that I have attended different internal and external trainings across concerning Accounting and Business management, I still think I have more to learn about the practical side of accounting.

Haystack: Tell us about the AAA program. What have you enjoyed about it so far?

Andrew: It is a practical training, the way the course is structured allows easy and practical learning and understanding. I’m very happy I joined because it will meet my needs to understand Accounting. I wanted to gain valuable practical training in this field to excel well at Kina Sacco leading to its development and growth worldwide.

Remember; “In every successful business, there’s an accountant!”

Haystack: Are there any topics you specifically want to improve in?

Andrew: I would like to advance my Excel skills and I want to learn more about QuickBooks Online.

Haystack: Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Andrew: My life has been quite interesting. I was born in the villages of Uganda, in the highlands of East Africa, I grew up with an interesting and fascinating background. I have good verbal communication skills and am an outgoing person. I’m also a budding entrepreneur as well.

Haystack: What are your hobbies outside work and studying?

Andrew: It’s a good question and I love it! Outside work I do a lot of things and activities but most importantly I enjoy arts (music), politics and hanging out with family and friends.

Thank you, Andrew, for taking the time to talk to us and good luck completing the African Accounting Academy course!

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