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Common CV mistakes

We often help clients recruit for open accounting positions. This includes using online assessments to test technical knowledge, but before candidates are even put forward for a technical assessment, we review their CVs. There are a few common CV mistakes that will move your CV directly into the “do not consider” pile! Make sure you don’t make them!

  1. Spelling errors

I often see spelling mistakes on CVs. This is not acceptable! Using technology that is available today it is easy to ensure that the grammar and spelling is correct. As a recruiter, if the candidate hasn’t taken the extra time to review for spelling issues, it shows a lack of attention to detail. It also tells the recruiter that you aren’t aware of the functionality within Microsoft products, like Word. Make sure you use Spell Check in Word before you finalize your CV for distribution.

  1. No keywords

Recruitment firms will often search for keywords to filter out candidates. They will use search functionality to see if your CV contains the keywords they are looking for. These keywords align with the job description that was posted. For example, if a company is looking for an Accounting Manager that is well versed in IFRS and US GAAP and has experience managing a team, they make look for the key words “IFRS”, “US GAAP” and “manager”. Make sure you read the job description carefully and ensure that your CV matches up with what the company is looking for in a candidate.

  1. Too long

Recruiters usually have less than a minute to review a CV because of the huge volume of people that apply for each position. This means your CV needs to be concise and relevant. Review your CV and remove anything that isn’t relevant for the current position. Things like your primary school or internships you had many years ago are usually no longer relevant and can be removed. If you don’t have the key information on the first page of your CV, the recruiter likely will not see the second or third pages and you likely won’t be considered for the position.

Read through your CV and ensure you haven’t made these mistakes! They are easy to fix, but can make a huge difference!

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  1. Jean de Dieu RUBAYIZA

    This is a big contribution! The effort and time you put into this really help us to make a difference.
    Thank you Pascal!

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