Job searching tips

Searching for a job is exhausting. It takes constant time and effort. How can you make sure the time and effort you expend is effective?

Be organized

Keep a list of the positions you’ve applied for, including details like: title, company, and the date applied. This will ensure you don’t apply for the same position more than once and helps you track your progress.

Check job boards and LinkedIn in an organized way – perhaps first thing every morning you check Job in Rwanda, Brighter Monday, and LinkedIn for new openings. You don’t need to keep refreshing these many times a day. Use your time wisely.

Be strategic

Apply only for positions that you are qualified for. If a position requires 10 years’ experience and you only have 3, do not apply. This only wastes your time and the company’s time.

Many job boards have search functions where you can include your details and be notified when positions matching your skills and qualifications are available. This ensures you don’t miss any positions that you might be a qualified for.

If there are companies you’re interested in, check their websites for openings. Sometimes companies do not use job boards.

Don’t be afraid to tap into your professional network. Many great positions are not advertised. Are there any university friends or past colleagues that you still keep in touch with? Do not be afraid to contact them but be professional. Don’t ask them directly for a job but ask them if they have heard of any open positions that they can refer you to.

Be prepared

Your CV and cover letter should be updated and ready to go. As soon as a position you are qualified for comes up, you can simply send them over to the hiring manager. A lot of positions will consider candidates on a first come first serve basis.

Also be ready for an assessment or interview. We can’t stress it enough that you should be checking your email on a daily basis and keep the mobile number on your CV turned on at all times. Respond immediately to any emails or phone calls from hiring managers.  We’ve had candidates come back to us asking for a second chance to take an assessment because they didn’t check their emails and missed the deadline. Second chances are very rarely allowed!

Be professional

Your emails and applications should be well drafted and professional. Re-read everything before sending to ensure there are no spelling or grammar issues. Triple check your emails to ensure the attachments are correct. But don’t send a blank email with no greetings or content and only attachments!

When you receive a phone call about a job, answer in a quiet spot where you can hear the hiring manager and have a productive conversation with them. If you are not in a position to answer, don’t pick up the call and call back once you can.

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  1. Very helpful article, especially the reminder on keeping track of the positions you have applied for. I would also recommend attending the networking events that happen around Kigali or any other location you are based in. (expands your connections).

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