Meet Cedric

Today we introduce you to Cedric. Cedric is about halfway through the African Accounting Academy course, and making great progress as we speak!

This week, we talked to Cedric to learn more about his career aspirations and why he joined the African Accounting Academy.

Haystack: Which university are you attending and what is your major?

Cedric: I am completing a degree at Université Libre de Kigali, where I am majoring in Economics. I expect to finish my degree later this year.

Haystack: Why did you join the African Accounting Academy?

Cedric: I have both a passion for learning about the world business environment and a need for strong skills in accounting for my future career. The Africa Accounting Academy program is advantageous as it will help me develop those skills.

Haystack: When you first joined, what is one thing you wanted to learn from the program?

Cedric: I am learning a lot from the program, but one thing I wanted to learn was to gain insight on accounting in practice.

Haystack: What are your career aspirations?

Cedric: To become a successful business man and a role model in the business environment.

Haystack: Tell us a bit more about yourself, outside of work and school. What are your hobbies and other interests?

Cedric: I’m interested in learning about economics and the business environment and how I can play a role in it. Outside of work and school, I enjoy arts and fitness.

Thank you, Cedric, for taking the time to talk to us and good luck completing the African Accounting Academy course!

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4 thoughts on “Meet Cedric”

  1. MAJYAMBERE Seleman

    Cedric you’re right this course is interesting! All key concepts of accounting are well explained with real life applications. Big up to organizing team


    wow congratulation ,friend Cedric ,I hope to be next ,working a day and night ,to complete this course , hope this will take us far more than we think , as we this course is sharpening our knowledge and skills not only theory but practical. it shows up what happening at work. i do thank and congratulate all participants especially , AAA founders.

  3. Lukyamuzi Andrew Kaweesi

    Cedric, this program will also help me gain more skills in accounting methodology, thank you AAA team

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