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Meet Jimmy

It’s been three weeks since we launched the African Accounting Academy online course and we now have many students progressing through it.

Last week we chatted with one of our first students to enrol, Jimmy, to learn more about his career aspirations and why he joined the African Accounting Academy.

Haystack: What university do you go and what is your major?

Jimmy: I graduated in 2018 from KIM University in Rwanda with a degree in business management and a major in accounting.

Haystack: Why did you join the African Accounting Academy?

Jimmy: I joined the African Accounting Academy because I am interested in learning more practical real life accounting skills. Normally when we graduate from universities or any other formal education facility, we soon start forgetting what we learnt, and as time goes by we forget everything learnt in school completely. The African Accounting Academy course however, is structured in a way that learning is done on a recurring format and in a practical way. This to me, gives one more time to master the concepts and techniques in Accounting until they become second nature.

Haystack: What is one thing you want to learn from the program?

Jimmy: My major target is advancing my Excel skills. I am somewhat familiar with Excel, especially when used for statistical data entry and analysis, but a little bit off when used for accounting.  I am here to learn accounting in general. You may be shocked if I tell you that I had started to forget even the basic accounting concept of debit and credit. I thank God for enrolling. I am now back on track.

Haystack: What are your career aspirations?

Jimmy: I’ve already created an accounting firm where we seek to save small businesses and startups the stress and worry about financial management by handling their accounts and taxes, plus training them how to do so at a fair price. Of course, this is where we are starting, but we do have bigger dreams; especially for Africa. I will definetly go global one day, but currently I see bigger opportunities here in Africa, and I want to be a leader in changing the face of Africa as an Accountant.

Thanks Jimmy for taking the time to talk to us!

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